Florence Welch Fires Up Frida Giannini

For anyone who wasn’t paying attention during the bleak days of February, Frida Giannini head designer for Gucci’s 2011 fall collections turned plenty of heads this year during New York’s Fashion Week and according to everyone from the Times to Women’s Wear Daily was the undisputed queen of the runways. What you may not have not heard is that one of Giannini’s  biggest inspirations for her new fall line was none other than fire-haired front-woman Florence Welch. She would be the Florence half of the critically acclaimed alt-rock group Florence and the Machine for those of you who are unfamiliar.

Since the release of their debut album Lungs in 2009 the Brit rockers have taken a major bite out of the music world, being nominated for a Grammy for best new artist, performing at the Oscars and even being covered on the hit TV series Glee. However when not commanding a concert from center stage the fair skinned and flame haired beauty can often be found sitting front row at the runways or hobnobbing with the New York fashion elite at the annual Met Gala. So it should come as no surprise that sharp eyed Frida Giannini captured some inspiration from her exposure to Welch’s unique style. Yet what is very intriguing is how far Giannini has gone out of her way to point this out and credit Welch’s influence in her designs. Frida is certainly no thief but it is rather unusual that she felt so compelled to repay Welch for the inspiration that she has designed an entire wardrobe for the alt-rock diva’s US tour which kicked off earlier this month.

Many in the music world have celebrated both the arrival and staying power of Florence and the Machine due to their invigoratingly unique take on modern rock, and now it seems that at least their front-woman is being celebrated yet again for the unique inspirations she has brought to modern fashion. Here is to hoping that she has the same staying power in front of the runways as she does on the stage.

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