Burberry’s New Body

Burberry is classic, chic, timeless… and nude? The brand has come up with a new fragrance called Burberry Body and in the first ad campaign we see Rosie Huntington-Whiteley representing Burberry in their trench…and that’s it. Rosie is posing nude, and is said to be the first of many for the ad campaigns behind Burberry Body fragrance. Burberry claims Burberry Body is the brands “most sensual women’s fragrance to date.”  However, much of the hype surrounding the new fragrance is about the body of the bottle. Photos have recently been released, and surprisingly have gotten more attention than the nude pictures of Rosie.

The Burberry Body bottle is a long, skinny glass bottle ornamented with the iconic check engraved in rose gold! The models may be adorned in just a trench, but the bottle is keeping it classy with the gold ornamentation. Design props can be given to Christopher Bailey for the classically Burberry look. Along with the recently released photo comes the recently released statement describing the perfume, and of course its design as being “made with the same craft, intensity and modernity of the classic trench coat. The jewel-like, elegant and feminine design combines with the sophisticated packaging to create a feeling of pure luxury.”

The other, ingenious aspect to follow suit with new social media trends is the Facebook campaign for Burberry Body. Christopher Bailey is asking all Facebook users and Burberry enthusiasts to become a fan of the Burberry Facebook page. Simply login to your Facebook account, go to Burberry’s Facebook page and become a “Fan.” However effortless these steps are the reward is anything but simple. By going through this easy process you will gain the opportunity to sample the new fragrance. The scent is said to be of peaches, green absinthe and freesia. Get these fresh aromas on your own body with their Facebook app or wait until September 1st of this year to purchase in stores and online.

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