Marc Leaving Louis?

The buzz has begun. Will Marc Jacobs become the Creative Director of Dior?

As the rumor mills start churning, everybody in the fashion world is sitting on the edge of their seats, waiting to hear what Marc Jacobs is going to do. Marc Jacobs is an incredible force in fashion and any company would be lucky to have him. This is something Louis Vuitton knows very well, as Marc Jacobs is currently creative director at their fashion house. Which poses another question, who will become creative director at Louis Vuitton? All in the family at LVMH, Bernard Arnault (LVMH Chairman) will have some decisions to make.

The reason for the musical chairs of fashion directors is due to the much publicized outburst of John Galliano from the spring of 2011. Almost as soon as the anti-Semitic slurs poured from his mouth, Galliano’s chair was taken from underneath him, leaving the house of Christian Dior short a creative director. It has taken almost half a year to replace Galliano, but the talk is bustling and Marc Jacobs may be the next to take on the Dior house as creative director. Word is their ‘people’ (Marc Jacobs’ and The Dior House’s) will be meeting to discuss the possibility and the terms, of course in Paris of all places. However, Marc Jacobs will not be seen on the romantic street of Paris, only his people; at the moment Marc is too busy getting his own line together. Even though Marc has to juggle two companies (his own and Louis Vuitton) he is still one of the most innovative designers in fashion today. He has been known to breathe life into brands, giving it that kick it needs to thrive and to say the least his own lines have always been a hit, never a miss.

Of course, the imminent question still lies; who will become creative director of Louis Vuitton? You didn’t think Marc would be handling all three companies now. Another branch under the LVMH family tree is Celine. Celine has done very well under the watchful eye of Phoebe Philo. Due to that success, Phoebe is the top contender for creative director at Louis Vuitton, that is, if Marc Jacobs decides to leave. Let’s just hope the talking isn’t too lengthy as Dior has gone long enough without a creative director.

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