The Kardashian’s Have Their Day

Have you been Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s? Well, the world of celebrity certainly has and the big day has come, and gone. Kim Kardashian, possibly the most ‘famous’ of the Kardashian siblings, tied the knot, yet again. Her first run around was with Damon Thomas, a music producer. Indecently, the nuptials only lasted four years, leading Kim to meet her subsequent suitors, such as Ray J and Reggie Bush.

Everyone was adorned in black and white, at strict request of the bride and groom. The whole wedding party dressed in ivory, except Kim in white Vera Wang. And not to cause confusion, but all three dresses worn by Kim at her wedding were made by Vera Wang for Kim Kardashian. That statement is correct; Kim had not only one wedding dress, but three! Kim must really being living out the fantasy as she had the traditional gown for the aisle, but then two more for the reception! Are we trying to out-do Lady Gaga?

The festivities proceeded rather well. The internet is enveloped with photos from the wedding. There are photos of Kim getting ready, getting her eyebrows done, getting her make-up done, almost anything you could think of, there is photographic evidence. The bride, in some more traditional shots, is photographed walking down the aisle with her stepfather, Bruce Jenner. We also see Mason, Kim’s niece and Kourtney’s son, walking down the aisle as ring bearer. Kris, the Jenner, was hard to miss in her ivory get-up. The mother of the bride was wearing her ivory gear decorated with a big bow, which was somewhat clown-esque in proportions. Many believe Kim and the E! Network has deemed Kim and the Kardashian’s the Royals of the Americas – The wedding seems to follow suit with actual royal wedding in England of Prince William and Kate Middleton. The cost of the wedding was quite absurd, including a two million dollar ring.  Plus many have noted similarities between Pippa Middleton’s attire and the Kardashian-Jenner girls’.

The publicity surrounding this wedding was beyond the normal Kardashian hype. E! Online is covered in nothing but Kim and Kris, and unfortunately, seem to be the only ones with nice things to say about the couple and the nuptials. Despite reviews and what others may say… Congrats and Best Wishes K & K!

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