The Business that will Blow You Away Today!

Every morning, women wake up, jump in the shower, then battle with the curly round brush to get that voluminous celebrity hair we all want. Always resorting to the flat iron because, lets be honest, who can really make sure the back of their head looks flawless, women all over are always on the hunt for an easier hair altering alternative. A brand new craze has been getting attention and it is sure to blow your mind!  Created by a handful of stylish and business savvy women and two fantastic male hairdressers, Dry Bar is the new craze and creation that is sure to blow your mind, literally.

Dry Bar, the witty name for the creation, is a blow dry only business that caters to all who want the perfect “do”. For a flat rate of $30-$40, customers can come in, get their hair professionally blown out and leave without ever having to worry about a bad hair day. With pride that unlike other salons, they are not charging a minimum of $60.00 for a simple blow out, there is however one catch. Split ends and grown out roots must be left to your previous stylists. Stressing that they are a “blow dry only” shop, every Dry Bar nevertheless, works to make you feel catered and comfy as they serve beverages and first class service during your visit.

With nine current locations throughout California, one in New York City and two on the way, and another set to open in Atlanta, the Dry Bar shows no sign of drying out.  For all those who are curious or unconvinced about the new hair do development, you can visit Dry Bars website and check out everything they have to offer. No hairy situation here as their site is filled with details about the company, their mission, salon images and much much more. So, ladies and of course gentlemen with a great head of hair, next time you wake up with a not so great hair day, look up your closest Dry Bar and be prepared to be blown away!

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