How To Stay Healthy This Season

October is in full swing, Halloween is almost here, and we have the holiday season upon us which usually brings on the flu, colds, and allergies. Unfortunately, another thing coinciding with being sick this time of year is Homecoming dances and special occasions. Well if you want to beat the flu and the colds undoubtedly floating around in the air we all breath in, I have a few tips. There actually are common foods we eat every day that can help combat the viruses and colds that are too easily contracted during this season. Since it is the fall season, I will first bring to your attention a few foods that are currently in season that have some amazing powers to keep you healthy. Vegetables! Yes, it is almost as simple as that. However, to be more specific, vegetables that are currently in season are good for the body. The major thing to look for is the orange vegetables like pumpkins and squash. The reason the orange vegetables are better for you is because they contain beta carotene, and they contain a lot of it. The beta carotene is actually one of the sources our bodies use to make Vitamin A. And as we all learned in health class, Vitamin A improves the immune system, keeps your skin healthy, and believe it or not will be the first defense to fight off any sort of disease. The next food and one of the most common is yogurt. If you have been lead to believe yogurt is bad when you’re sick, then you have never heard of probiotics which are also referred to as “good” bacteria. These probiotics will help with cold or flu symptoms that involve your digestive tract. Just make sure you buy yogurts that contain live and active probiotics. Another very common food is garlic. Garlic contains a compound called allicin which works similar to the probiotics. Allicin will act as an antibacterial and antiviral force in the body, but unless you use raw garlic or freshly processed garlic, you will not necessarily receive the all of the benefits. One more common food is black and green tea. Of course we all know tea is a good companion to a cold or flu, but they also contain antioxidants. These antioxidants have even been tested by scientists, and have proved to be very beneficial in fighting off viruses. When you purchase, no need to pay too close attention to ingredients, any black or green tea will do, even decaf! Lastly, a good protein is always necessary to improve a cold, but did you know oysters are among those proteins. Oysters contain zinc, omega-3, selenium, and iron which are all good for the immune system. In addition, the best way to get these nutrients is through food and not vitamins, because you do not want to get too much of any of these nutrients as they could cause potential damage to the immune system. Hope this helps and keeps at least a few of you from getting sick this season.

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