Jacob, Hernadez, & McCullough Join CFDA

The time has come; it only happens twice a year; it’s not winter break and most certainly not spring break. Wednesday, October 26th, 2011 marked one of the biannual meetings of the CFDA. The CFDA is the Council of Fashion Designers of America and is currently run by DVF herself, Diane Von Furstenberg – The fashion world certainly does love shortening any word or words they can (cough, cough, Rachel Zoe). This meeting was significant because it served as the inauguration, if you will, of some very important designers. These VIFDs – very important fashion designers – are none other than, Marc Jacobs, Lazaro Hernadez and Jack McCullough. Lazaro Hernadez and Jack McCullough are better known as the Proenza boys, as in the designers behind the label, Proenza Schouler.

These three prominent designers received awards from the CFDA this past year marking the timing for their induction to perfection. Jack McCullough and Lazaro Hernadez were elected to their now council due to some great work they have been involved in on behalf of the CFDA.  New York magazine’s The Cut reported the reasoning behind the men of Proenza Schouler’s initiation to the CFDA is not “particularly surprising [as] the Proenza boys have been lobbying hard on behalf of the CFDA’s efforts to establish stronger anti-knockoff legislation in Congress.” The anti-knockoff legislation will essentially give designers enough time (about three months) to produce, show, and profit from their designs before any other label or individual can legally be allowed to “copy” their designs (i.e. Forever 21 replicating Ana Sui’s rose print before she even showed her collection to all of her buyers, in turn hurting her profit margin). Similarly, Marc Jacobs, the other inductee, fell victim to a similar crime. A few years ago, around the same time as Ana Sui’s case, Marc Jacobs filed a lawsuit against the designer for Ed Hardy for copying his quilted tote. Therefore, Jacobs is most likely pleased with his fellow inductees. And as far as the reasoning for Jacobs becoming a member, well the man is head of his own label, head of the most well-known label in the world, and is talks for heading yet another one on the list of high-end design labels. Simply put, it is suiting that Jacobs will now be a member of the CFDA.



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