Donna Karan Rallies Fashion’s Finest for Haiti

This weekend saw a gala event held at Donna Karan’s Urban Zen shop in New York City featuring some of the biggest names in fashion from Calvin Klein to Kenneth Cole, however the focus was not on a hot new designer or label, but rather on fundraising for the small, earthquake ravaged nation of Haiti. In fact Donna has been one of the leading advocates for Haiti relief since a massive 7.0 earthquake devastated the small island nation on January 12th of last year.  Donna’s efforts have come through her Urban Zen Foundation which was establish 10 years ago in part to honor her late husband Stephen Weiss. The Foundation’s focus in Haiti is a three part effort to promote education, healthcare and assist in the preservation of the small island nations unique and fragile culture.

As in the world of fashion Donna Karan does not hold back when it comes to philanthropy, attracting such marquee names as Demi Moore, Michael Douglas, Keith Richards, Uma Thurman and even former president Bill Clinton to this years ceremony. While praise was lavished on the former commander and chief for all his efforts to aid Haiti in the past year, Clinton himself had some compliments for the host. The former president told’s Darrell Hartman “A lot of the political and social elite in American thought I came from the wrong side of the room. Once I got Donna’s clothes on, I had street cred in Washington.” Proving once again that from the red carpets of Hollywood all the way to the marble halls of Congress, style is something never to be taken lightly.

In his speech to the assembled fashion and film stars Clinton touched on everything from the dangers of global warming to the fragile nature of the world economy, taking ample time of course to praise the unwavering support and tireless effort that Donna Karan has given to the artistic community in Haiti and to their nation as a whole.

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