Who’s the Sexiest of them All?

And it has been proclaimed. Men’s Health magazine has determined their winner for the sexiest woman of all time, and it’s probably not even the top ten women you have roaming through your head. Now think about it – this is an all time list – women from any time period could be listed in the top position, like Liz Taylor or Bettie Page. (Liz was listed as number 69 and Bettie got the honor of number 7, falling behind Madonna, Marilyn, Raquel Welsh, Brittany Spears, and a James Bond girl. But here’s the kicker, the woman proclaimed as the very hottest, sexiest of all time is a current film actress of today, not of yesteryear.  Yes, Jennifer Aniston is the hottest woman of all time, according to Men’s Health of course – if we were to ask former partner of Aniston, Mr. Pitt, he’s probable choice may be to switch her for the number 10 position (Angelina Jolie) as he did in the past.

Putting the past behind us, Jen Aniston is now, more than ever, a sex symbol. She has always been funny but with new roles being released and as a possibly more truthful side to the star comes through; her sex appeal has grown. Men’s Health seemed to get some juicy info out of the stunning star, namely what she finds to be sexiest in a man; “Sexiest thing about a man—other than abs—is if he can make me laugh, has compassion, kindness, and an accurately sized ego.” Another interesting piece of information Men’s Health pulled out of her – who would you have awarded with the sexiest woman ever? Jen responded, “It’s a tie between Bridgette Bardot and Gloria Steinem. But if I had to choose one, I’d say Gloria because, well, she’s the full package. That’s sexy.” – you have to respect the classics.

So we got Jen’s opinion, but why did Men’s Health select her? Easy, yet somewhat drawn-out answer goes like so, Jen won this position because, “Funny is sexy, and Jennifer Aniston is funny—she was invited to join Saturday Night Live before her big break with Friends. Her down-to-earth persona makes her seem attainable, and anyone who’s seen her in Office Space has to admit she makes even pieces of flair look good. She rarely plays the airhead, and she seldom overplays a role: she’s funny in a quiet, refreshingly human way. And her all-too-human love life off screen inspires sympathy that not even a string of bland romantic comedies can diminish. Other sex symbols drift toward one-dimensionality, becoming flat icons in the process, but throughout her career Aniston has remained sexy, funny, and unmistakably real,” stated Men’s Health magazine.

However, if you’re still not convenienced Jen is funny, listen to this. When Men’s Health asked her ‘What is one thing you want readers to know about you. Jen replied with, “What readers don’t know: I can breakdance. No, that’s a lie. But wouldn’t that be cool?”


To Believe, Or Not To Believe

America’s Next Top Model is in the news and it’s not for another spin-off. It appears the rumor mills are running rapid and I don’t think Tyra can hide from this one. Former judge of Tyra Banks’ hit TV show, America’s Next Top Model, Janice Dickinson has begun to leak some crucial information about the ‘behind’ the scenes of the show. As we have become familiarized with Tyra’s way of things, whether normal or outlandish, it is still surprising to hear that America’s Next Top Model is already in its 17th cycle (America’s Next Top Model runs in cycles not seasons). The former super model and cover girl Janice Dickinson is better known to this generation as a house guest on VH1’s The Surreal Life and Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew, had some beans to spill when it came to Tyra’s show (ANTM). Self proclaimed as the world’s first supermodel, Janice Dickinson does not shy away from the public, even when situations no longer have much at all to do with her. Janice has recently leaked some truly vital information about how the show works and in light of the odd finale just the other night, maybe Janice isn’t just reaching for attention. Janice told the press, “CoverGirl are the people that choose the [winner]…Not any of the judges, not what Tyra says. It’s who CoverGirl thinks should win.” Well, as CoverGirl is the team with the most at stake by using a competition winner as their new face, the news doesn’t sound so surprising. However, that does not mean the news isn’t disappointing.

As the finale aired just a few nights ago ANTM fans are still in quite a bit of shock as well as being on a Curious George kind of tip. Everyone wants to know, what did Angelea do? The finale made it pretty clear who the winner should have been (Angelea), but for some reason after watching the insane marathon Tyra put the girls through (opposed to a regular catwalk, Tyra had the girls perform a triathlon as their final challenge – swim, fly, & then walk) the producers decided to cut to a more recently shot finale excluding Angelea – the only girl that performed the triathlon without mishap. Supposedly Angelea leaked information about the results of cycle 17 on Facebook, but all  we could get from ANTM is a statement from Nigel Barker (famed fashion photographer) saying, “It turns out, our production team and the network learned information from Angelea that disqualifies her from the competition.”  Thanks ANTM for being so informative…

How To Beat The Winter Chill

Reports of possible winter winds are breaking through and some areas could even see that heavenly white snowfall upon their doorsteps. With this news beginning to sink in, I realize we may not all be prepared with the proper equipment to handle the weather. One item your mother always tried to get you to wear but you probably didn’t appreciate are the ear muffs. Well, now you may be less inclined to argue over wearing this certain winter essential. As a certain company has made this one less appealing item very alluring, as they have with less intriguing items in the past. Juicy Couture is offering their customers a unique pair of ear muffs this winter season. The new Juicy Couture piece is unique as these ear muffs double as headphones for your iPhone, iPod, cell phone, or music player. Wow, is this not one of those moments where you just want to kick yourself for not thinking of it first? I am quite surprised that we didn’t see this first on an infomercial and then a larger company like Juicy Couture picks it up. Plus, these ear muffs are adorned in faux fur, perfect for the environmentally conscious fashionista. And now we can be fashionable, warm, and listen to music all while on the go – thanks Juicy.

OK, so our ears are toasty, but what about our feet. If you’re really going to beat the winter chill this season, a pair of good boots is essential. So I know it’s so comfy to tuck your Juicy sweats into a pair of Ugg boots, but are these boots really going to protect you from wet, cold snow? As almost every girl, everywhere has worn a pair of Uggs, whether it was 5 years ago or 5 days ago, I’m pretty sure we could all admit that Uggs aren’t the best choice when it comes to roaming around in the snow. Well another boot company has emerged called Sorel. This brand has some really great and fashionable boots perfect for snow, ice, and whatever else these next few months will bring. Available in a variety of styles as well as height (ankle, mid-calf, etc.), Sorel boots will run you around the same as a pair of Ugg boots, except your feet won’t be getting wet in these boots. You can find these items at most high-end department stores like Bloomingdales or online.

The Valentino Garavani Virtual Museum Has Arrived

And they’re off. Valentino Garavani and his partner Giancarlo Giammetti have officially launched their online virtual museum. Valentino is one of the most recognizable and most iconic names in fashion. Being granted the opportunity to view some of his creations – let alone all of them – is something of a wish come true. Fashion fans young and old appreciate vintage fashion and Valentino has an amazing collection of vintage gowns. For years, if it weren’t for
the select celebs that are permitted to wear these amazing pieces of history for red carpet events and premieres, history books were our only source, but now Valentino is bringing an opportunity to the world that simply did not exist prior.

To appreciate vintage fashion is to appreciate fashion because any good fashionista knows, fashion repeats itself just as history does – which grants us the opportunity to learn and press forward. Valentino and his partner Giancarlo Giammetti have changed fashion history and opened a whole new set of doors for the commoners of the fashion world.

Today is the official launch date of the virtual museum and with a simple download you will be inside of the ultimate fashion vault. As technology and fashion aren’t necessarily hand-in-hand, you can sit through a briefing of how the navigation of the site works – and when I say navigation, I don’t mean
map-reading, I mean steering and plotting. This site works similar to a video game where you walk and look around using your controller. However, this site
is obviously using a mouse or track pad (for laptop users). Once you have mastered navigation and move on to exploring any of the seven rooms, you will witness something amazing; all dresses are able to rotate 360 degrees while at the same time give you a pop-up list of images including original sketches, red carpet moments, and magazine spreads.

This site is absolutely amazing to say the least. All morning I have been reading what other fashion writers have had to say, and the general consensus is captivating, entrancing, and meet your deadlines before you start exploring in the world of Valentino, otherwise your day will have faded away, only accomplishing your personal requirements.

Don’t Let The Winter Dry You Out – Part 6

As we approach part 6 of’s ‘Don’t Let The Winter Dry You Out’ I hope some tips have been tried. And even more so that they are working for you. However, if you still seem to need more hydration, specifically to your face, try an overnight treatment. So far in the saga of dry skin I have suggested combining products, like in part 1; combining moisturizers with oils to “amp up the hydration.” Well, for some folks, combining oil and moisturizer may not be enough – and to these folks I recommend using an overnight treatment. One of the top night creams I found in my research is by Jo Malone London. This product is called Jo Malone Orange and Geranium Night Cream. This night cream contains exactly what it claims: geranium and orange.  The orange will purify the skin, acting as somewhat of a cleanser. The geranium acts as a balancer; traditionally, this element is known to balance skin in light of acne and excess oil however, it has been discovered that the same properties do wonders on dry skin. So ladies, this is how we can overcome the winter skin battle.

Jo Malone Orange and Geranium Night Cream as well as other Jo Malone products are available through Nordstrom’s; in store and online. A big plus for these products (and any other products that are purchased through Nordstrom’s website) is their return policy. Nordstrom’s allows their online customers to make returns directly to their closest physical shop, instead of only being able to return through shipping. Therefore, this product – or any Jo Malone product listed on Nordstrom’s website – would make a perfect gift for the holidays. Think about it, shopping online is so much less of a hassle; unless you are not sure it is the perfect gift for your recipient and this is where returning to a physical store will become a huge helping hand in your gift shopping dilemmas.

Jo Malone products are rather prestigious in the skincare and fragrance world. Their website even gives you the option to chat with a stylist who will then assist you in finding your perfect skincare/beauty regime. The night cream that I am recommending as a gift (even if it’s simply to yourself) will only decrease the bank account by $60.

Who’s Number One In England?

Fashion is very important all around the world, whether it is due to importance in culture, to set social standings, or as a form of art and expression; fashion is the vital key. All across the world fashion enthusiasts will say Paris was once the center of the fashion world, now New York City is hub, but has the ultimate “I heart” city had its throne denounced?

Well, London sure is on the big apple’s coattails. London was ranked as number one fashion capitol of the world just this year (catch up on the article here). The new ranking as a perfect example, more and more London has proved itself as an important point in the fashion circle. Of course much attention has been brought by the new royal couple and their better half dressing to the T – think about it, almost all political and royal personas have only been in fashion news to insult their attire, i.e. Hilary Clinton’s suits and hair. London is making its way up there and in fact has been for some time now. With the winning of ranks London has really solidified itself in the fashion world.

However, London has felt differently about the subject. This year, 2011 marks the 24th annual British Fashion Awards. Since 1986 Britain has been awarding their talented natives in fashion and design. This year, many awards were given as well as many famous faces appearing. As Britain’s fashion empire has grown, more and more British designers and personas are emerging. One of the freshest faces in fashion, Alexa Chung was awarded with the British Style award, but not before she dedicated her honor to “girls who dress like awkward boys.” Another great quote from the night was given by Kate Hudson (no she is not British, just presenting) when she presented the Red Carpet award to Stella McCartney. Kate told a little story about her first time at the Oscar’s wearing one of Stella’s designs; “I wore Stella and made every worst-dressed list. The next day, I called Stella, and she said, ‘Face it babe, it was the hair.” Fashion’s own Posh Spice, a.k.a. Victoria Beckham took the Designer Brand of the Year award while the designer of the year went to Sarah Burton, the designer behind Alexander McQueen.

Winehouse’s “Back to Black” Dress Auctioned for Over $70,000

The strapless printed chiffon dress that Amy Winehouse wore on the cover of her debut album Back to Black has sold at auction this week for 43,200 pounds sterling, or 70,440 U.S. dollars. The dress by Thai designer Disaya Sorakraikitikul was auctioned off this past Tuesday at London’s Kerry Taylor Auctions house and the winning bid was placed by The Fundacion Museo De La Moda, a fashion museum located in Chile where the dress will be put on display sometime next year. All proceeds from the auction will be going to the Amy Winehouse Foundation, a non-profit set-up by Winehouse’s family after the young singers tragic death that is dedicated to helping disadvantaged youth, particularly those with substance abuse problems. Amy was found dead in her North London apartment on July 23rd of this year, the coroner’s report lists the cause of death as accidental alcohol poisoning, she was 27-years old.

Disaya Sorakraikitikul is a graduation of the prestigious Central Saint Martins school of design in Paris, who is currently based out of a design studio in Thailand. The dress was loaned to Winehouse’s stylist Amy Winwood back in 2006 for use on the album cover and has since been stored in Mr. Sorakraikitikul’s personal archive. Mr. Sorakraikitikul donated the dress to be auctioned through the Passion for Fashion charity sale that went on in London this week at the request of Amy’s father Mitch Winehouse.

“I can’t put into words how grateful I am to Kerry and Disaya for their support and hard work. We are just over the moon, and this is a wonderful start to the foundation, ” Mr. Winehouse announced after the auction. He went on to say that he and the rest of the Winehouse family behind the Amy Winehouse Foundation were “off to visit a homeless charity in Euston tomorrow and so the money will go to a good cause straight away.”

Don’t Let The Winter Dry you Out – Part 5

Last time I introduced you to an awesome Almay product; this time I want you to meet its higher-end counterpart. As one of the first make-ups of its kind, Bare Escentuals is the O.G. (original gangster – but in our case, O.C., original cosmetic). Bare Escentuals is also known as Bare Minerals, but is better known as the brand that is all powder – eye liner  to concealer , Bare Escentuals does it in powder. The only exception is their lip colors and mascara; those products simply wouldn’t work as a powder.

Like Almay’s Wake-up Hydrating line, Bare Escentuals is one hundred percent natural – the name pretty much says it all. Bare Escentuals is great because they actually offer beginner packages at a discounted price, kind of like a perfume set you would find at a department store (great gift idea!). There are actually two different starter kits, because who doesn’t love options. The smaller kit is under $30 and contains the basics; a foundation, a mineral veil, warmth (Bare Mineral bronzer), mascara, and two different size brushes. Their website has a guide to help each individual find their perfect shade and if you go to one of their retailers, a sales person will match your shade. Mineral veil is that finishing touch – even if you don’t run through the whole face routine, mineral veil can still be applied. And of course, every kit comes with a ‘How To’ DVD. The other kit, just under $60 comes with the same items plus: 2 more smaller brushes, a compact with a travel brush, and an extra foundation – either the shade darker or lighter than what you are – because originally when the brand was only available on QVC, customers needed to be sure they could find a color match (pretty smart) – so maybe the larger kit is better for the girl who tans in the summer and keeps it natural (a fairer complexion) in the winter.

If that doesn’t convince you, Bare Escentuals has also won a number of awards from fashion magazines like Teen Vogue and Cosmopolitan, and trusted retailers like Sephora and QVC. These awards consist mostly of customer choice awards and best of awards, however their total award count is well over fifty; not something most companies are able to say. As Bare Escentuals is already considered a skincare treatment simply in their makeup department (yes, it’s that good), don’t miss out on their next great thing; Bare Minerals Skincare. It is still fairly new, however it has already won best of awards from Health and Self magazines. With so many good-for-you gift options, none of you should have a hard time finding the perfect gift for the girl who wants to look fresh and flawless while improving her skin at the same time.

Hermès Moves to Defend Themselves From LVMH

Ah, to live the life of a fashion mogul. While the rest of us save up to buy the hottest new styles for each season, or deal hunt to get the maximum amount of luxury for our buck the men and women who control the most powerful fashion brands in the world engage in an entirely different and far more grand type of holiday shopping; buying up entire companies to add to their fashion empires. The problem is that unlike handbags and shoes, other companies don’t always want to be bought. Just ask Bernard Arnault, CEO of LVMH (Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton) the largest luxury conglomerate in the fashion world, who apparently has french fashion house Hermès on his Christmas wish list. The problem is that the Puech family, direct descendents of Thierry Hermès, who represent the fifth generation of family ownership don’t want to sell; or at least don’t want to sell to LVMH. Bertrand Puech, who manages the family’s involvement in Hermès was quoted by Women’s Wear Daily (WWD) as saying that they had a “unanimous will to maintain long-term control of the company”.

LVMH turned heads last  month when it was discovered that the company had purchased over 17% of Hermès’s publicly traded shares and that it had done so without anyone at Hermès realizing who it was doing the buying. While the French government is now checking the specifics of the transaction to ensure everything was done on the up-and-up, an LVMH spokesman already told New York Magazine that they are confident that the investigation will prove the purchase was legal (even if it was sneaky). If that is the case, it does not bode well for Hermès considering the reputation of Bernard Arnault, who has proven in the past he has no problems with hostile takeovers. Under Arnault’s leadership LVMH has grown to include a very impressive list of fashion labels beyond Louis Vuitton, such as Donna Karan, Givenchy, Marc Jacobs, Celine and Fendi.

However it seems Hermès has no intention of being added to the list of Mr. Arnault’s conquests without a fight. WWD reported earlier this week that the Puech family has finalized plans to transfer the the majority of their shares (they still own over 70% of the company) to a nonlisted holding company. A move designed to prevent any more of Hermès capital from falling into the hands of LVMH and Mr. Arnault. It should be noted though that Bernard Arnault did not become the most powerful man in fashion by taking “no” for an answer. Will Hermès be able to maintain its identity and hold its own against the giant that is LVMH or will they become yet another trophy for Mr. Arnault. Only time will tell.

Black Friday Round-up

This year’s Black Friday events weren’t far off from what we usually expect to go down on one of the busiest shopping days of the year. Granted we were overly stuffed and seemingly unresponsive on the couch, plenty of folks still made it out for the day’s festivities. Oh, and what festivities those were; for the first time ever, stores opened their ‘red-tag’ doors earlier than usual. Stores like Target, Macy*s, and Kohl’s, for the first time ever, opened their Black Friday doors at midnight Friday morning. This year we were also witness to another first; Cyber Monday’s revenue. Yes, this year online retailers are offering items for a discount and it sure did help boost the economy; the online sales this past Cyber Monday brought in over one billion dollars to retailer across the web. Usually a company that runs both in store and online would only offer their deals and discounts in store. However, this year most companies had online offers as well and if they didn’t, it was because they reserved the deals for Cyber Monday, the Black Friday of the inter webs. Of course not everyone participated in what has almost become a national holiday for shoppers and bargainers alike. Some retailers chose to stick with simple, not in season discounts while others (cough, high-end retailers, cough) had no sales or bargains. And I don’t know about you, but with all this internet traffic and crazy deals, I started to get a little suspicious. The chance for falling victim to fraud on the internet has to have a high statistic; it was even reported that over 150 websites were seized by the federal government due to the sales of counterfeit merchandise. Make sure when you are shopping for name brand merchandise you are getting what you are paying for; i.e. your dad doesn’t want an NPL jersey and your mom doesn’t want a perfume by Dolce & Cabana. Well, we are left with less than a month to get all of our gifts…safe shopping.