Healthy Tips for The Winter Weather

The winter months are coming quickly and unfortunately allergies and colds are right instep. As this also means dances, parties, and events, this is your opportunity to stay healthy and hopefully prevent yourself from suffering a cold in the bitter cold. We have brought you a few articles about staying healthy and preventing possible colds, […]

Floral Perfumes For Holiday 2011

As the crisp fall air smells of burning leaves and chillier days to come, I can’t stop thinking about all the perfumes that are currently available and which one I want to carry the scent of. The holiday season is approaching and that also means gift time! Along with the changing weather, holiday season also […]

Makeup Tips for Homecoming: Don’t Forget the Gloss!

As Homecoming approaches there are many decisions left to be made. I would hope at this point in the game, everyone has found the perfect dress for the spectacular season – if not, check out our website to get the hottest, trendy dresses with expedited shipping! Well, with the dress checked off the To Do […]

Fresh Face Tips For Homecoming

Homecoming season is upon us, and ladies no need to stress, is here for your dresses and accessories. If you are prone to stress or just have been overwhelmed by the new school year and can’t seem to find the time to de-stress and do yoga or even sleep, good news has finally arrived. […]

A Look At The Less Fashionable Of The 2011 Emmy’s

Yesterday we covered the winners of the 2011 Emmy’s, so today lets discuss the less fashionable celebrities that walked the red carpet. For starters, we saw bare midriffs, high slits, and sea creatures? I don’t know what they were thinking; all I can say is Rachael Zoe was probably not styling any of those ladies. […]

And The Miss Universe Winner Is…

Last night the crown was passed down and placed upon a new Miss Universe contestant. The 2011 winner of the Miss Universe pageant is Leila Lopes of Angola. The pageant was hosted by Miss Lopes’ fellow Portuguese speaking country, Brazil. As this year marked the 60th anniversary of the Miss Universe pageant, this was quite […]

Jessica + Jewelry = A Girl’s Best Friend

Do you believe diamonds are a girl’s best friend? Jessica Simpson certainly does, as did her blonde bombshell predecessor, Marilyn Monroe. Jessica Simpson is launching yet another line of merchandise, and you guessed it! Jess is onto jewelry, specifically the diamonds. Jessica Simpson’s new jewelry line is called, Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend. However, […] Wins Again!

Congratulations! has done it again! We have won yet another award. has received the “Outstanding Website Award” from The Jovani Corporation. Last year won the “Excellence in E-Commerce Award” from The Jovani Corporation. Since the award winning last year, has made some major renovations to the website. For starters, there is […]

The Kardashian’s Have Their Day

Have you been Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s? Well, the world of celebrity certainly has and the big day has come, and gone. Kim Kardashian, possibly the most ‘famous’ of the Kardashian siblings, tied the knot, yet again. Her first run around was with Damon Thomas, a music producer. Indecently, the nuptials only lasted four […]

Marc Leaving Louis?

The buzz has begun. Will Marc Jacobs become the Creative Director of Dior?

As the rumor mills start churning, everybody in the fashion world is sitting on the edge of their seats, waiting to hear what Marc Jacobs is going to do. Marc Jacobs is an incredible force in fashion and any company would be […]