Fred Perry Keeps Winehouse’s Spirit Alive

In the aftermath of the late singer’s death, many decisions are left to be made about what to do with Amy Winehouse’s work.  “Amy was passionate and dedicated to the collaboration, and her signature style is clearly stamped across each piece,” Fred Perry said.  Fred Perry has decided, along with consult from Winehouse’s family, to proceed and release the lines she was working on, destined to be seen next Spring and Fall.

With only 2 albums released and numerous award nods for her brilliant voice, Amy Winehouse will not soon be forgotten. Her music will live on forever, and now her fashions will do the same. Winehouse had been working with Fred Perry to create some uniquely “rockabilly” inspired looks, which in essence, were Winehouse’s signature look. Viewing the collection, even upon a quick glance, one could envision Winehouse adorned in these fashions. Her vision was clear, ranging from hound south prints to 1950’s inspired cuts. And can be seen on

Previous to the tragedy, Winehouse had collaborated with the Fred Perry house yet again. As her family, and the Fred Perry family consulted on what to do with the line, the obvious answer was there, release the lines! As quoted by her father Mitch Winehouse, speaking on what to do with the collections, “Amy loved working on both collections, and would want them to be made available… it was natural to continue…”.

Mitch continued to speak about the line, Fred Perry, and the newly established, Amy Winehouse Foundation, “All the money we make and the donation that Fred Perry will give will go straight into  the Amy Winehouse Foundation, which we are setting up to help children and young people in her name.”

As the cause of death is still unknown, it is well recognized that Winehouse suffered from substance abuse and other issues. This foundation will hopefully raise awareness and shed light on the issue many people across the globe face. The foundation’s focus is on helping children, a cause Winehouse was passionate about throughout her life.


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