Project Runway All Stars Host – Not Heidi

Project Runway has been on the air for just about nine seasons now and for the first time things are getting changed up a bit. There’s a new host, new judges, and the same contestants. The tenth season is airing as Project Runway All Stars; a second chance for past contestants to win the grand-prize and all its fame.

Angela Lindvall is said to be the new host for Project Runway All Stars. Like Klum, Lindvall is a model/actress who has graced many magazine covers and belongs with the likes of the Victoria’s Secret Angels.

The very first Project Runway premiered in 2004 on the first of December. Since then star and host Heidi Klum haven’t missed a beat, airing the subsequent seasons every year like clockwork. As well as hosting, Heidi Klum also judged the contestants along with famous designer, Michael Kors, and Elle Magazine’s Fashion Director, Nina Garcia. And not to be forgotten, Time Gunn, who some may consider to be the real star of the show. Tim Gunn’s role became that of the mentor to the contestants with his famous phrase, “Make it work!”

Over the course of the eight years and nine seasons, the producers have decided to go for a different tone and have the tenth season be dedicated to the “All Stars” of Project Runway. This new theme has brought on some other nuances as well, like a new host.

It is not clear as to why Heidi Klum wouldn’t want to stay the face of the show, but the rumor mills are saying “Heidi and the production company couldn’t come to terms on money.” Despite all the rumors, sometime next year on Lifetime Network, we will be seeing Angela Lindvall hosting Project Runway All Stars. It has also been decided that by Lindvall’s side, as judges, will be designer Isaac Mizrahi and Georgina Chapman of Marchesa. One judge’s chair will be left open, presumably for a weekly guest judge.

However, Heidi, Michael, and Nina are not gone forever; just for this second-chance season. Good Luck, again, contestants!

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