Clarisse Designs Unveils Their New Cocktail Line

Up and coming special occasion designer Clarisse has recently posted photos of their newest foray into 21st century fashion, Clarisse Classic, a cocktail line aimed at teens and 20-somethings. Clarisse first appeared on the scene in 2009 with an extensive prom collection and has since staked their claim to both prom and homecoming special occasion wear throughout the United States.The Prom 2011 collection from Clarisse was their best received line to date with many young women and boutique owners alike agreeing that Clarisse Designs produces one of the most diverse and youthful lines in the market today.

Considering their growing popularity and the fact that many of the prom girls who wore a dress or gown by Clarisse this year will be heading off to college in the fall it comes as no surprise that this savvy young label would look to follow their customer base into the professional world.Perhaps even more intriguing though is the signal that Clarisse is sending to the fashion world as a whole with the introduction of their Classic line. Thought to be just another seasonal special occasion designer the introduction of a cocktail line which will be sold and advertised year round indicates that Clarisse sees room for further expansion into the world of special occasion fashion.

The company has announced that their Classic line will be formally introduced to the fashion world later this summer at the America’s Mart shows in Dallas and Atlanta. While it may be a little too soon to predict the birth of a serious fashion house, Clarisse’s expansion has turned a few heads and yours truly will be sure to stop by during his travels to Atlanta, to see what the buzz is about.

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