The Dominican Republic Grabs the Spotlight at New York City’s 2011 Caribbean Fashion Show

This week marks the beginning of the New York City’s 2011 Caribbean Fashion show and all the cultures you would expect are in attendance for the inaugural year, The Bahamas, Jamaica, Antigua and many other have sent their finest designers north to bring the latest in Caribbean couture to the states. However the biggest surprise is who is leading the pack. Long considered to be the melting pot of the Caribbean the Dominican Republic will be kicking off this year’s show with their breezy and eclectic designs.

“Dominican fashion designers are known for their chic and unique creations that reflect our country’s distinct culture and diverse influences.” said Magaly Toribio, Vice Minister of International Promotion for the Dominican Republic’s Ministry of Tourism.”The Dominican Republic boasts great design schools like PARSONS and iconic Dominican designers who set global fashion trends during the Dominican Republic’s two annual fashion events, DominicanaModa and Republica Dominicana Fashion Week, attracting discerning buyers and fashionistas from all over the world,” added Isabella Wall, DR Ministry of Tourism’s Los Angeles Representative in an interview earlier this week with PR Newswire.Lucia Rodriguez, a graduate of Parsons School of Design with 10 years of experience in the fashion industry, and a rising star from the houses of Joanna Mastronianni and Bob Evans will kick off the opening ceremonies tonight at The Arena in New York City with her high-end line from her own studio located in the heart of New York’s fashion district.

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