Ready For Summer?

The time has come that we have all been waiting for….Summer! Some people are lucky enough to live in warm weather year around but, people in the northern states are jumping for joy. Time to bust out your shorts, get your tanning oil ready and flaunt that physic we have all been working so hard on.

Summer is a great time to play with patterns, colors and to try something new. Put your jeans away and get ready to go sundress shopping. Sundresses are a must have for summer. They are simple, comfortable and easy to pack on any weekend getaway. You can do a vibrant solid color sundress or opt for a print. Prints are always fun and you will be sure to catch everyone’s attention. Throw on a pair of flip flops and some bangle bracelets and you ready from a night out.

For all you girls with natural curly hair, don’t fight it! That surfer girl look is so hot right now and guys love it! Some natural waves can be tamed with a little hair gel or mouse and is a great look for the beach or even a nice lunch date. Also, don’t be afraid to go a little blonder or change your hair style. Summer is a great time to change it up!

Do simple makeup this summer! Neutral earth tones were all over the runway this spring. Don’t be afraid to play with some shades of pink or orange if neutrals aren’t your thing. Whatever shades you decide to go with, don’t do it too thick. A touch of blush, some mascara and a little lip gloss can go a long way.

Finally, stand out with your accessories. One thing I love about summer are the big hats, sunglasses and cover-ups. These are all inexpensive accessories that you can show your personality with. Step outside of the box with a toe ring or some funky nail art. So, as all the pools open up and the shores fill with families, take the time to get ready for summer because guess what everyone…summer is here!!

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