Leggy Look is Hot This Summer

All across North America this summer is shaping up to be one for the record books as far as temperatures go, and with the warm weather returns a tried and true method for staying cool but looking hot.  Celebrities of all stripes from Selena Gomez and Beyonce to Heidi Klum and Halle Berry have been spotted sporting short hem-lines, daisy dukes, mid-calf skirts and anything else that shows off those lovely long legs. Some have even taken this summer staple into the formal realm such as Cameron Diaz who rocked a sleek and sexy black micro-dress at New York’s Ziegfeld Theatre for the premier of her new film Bad Teacher.

While not fit for all body types, with a little work and the right accessories most ladies out there will be able to pull off this look, which is sure to only gain in popularity as the summer drags on and the mercury climbs higher. A few things to remember for any look where ‘skin is in’ is that you want your legs looking both toned and tanned, so this month forget the elevator, take the stairs instead and if you don’t have time to bask in the summer sun be sure to buy plenty of tanning lotion. When it comes to lotions you get what you pay for and a lot of the cheaper brands will streak no matter how you apply them so don’t cheap out on this step. Also remember to wear disposable gloves when applying the lotion as tan palms is a dead give-away no matter how smooth the lotion looks.

Shoes are the most important accessory for this look and if your worried you might not be leggy enough to pull off the look then it is time to find some pumps, platforms or ever stilettos to help give you that extra length. Strappy and sandal style are the best but don’t loose sight of the sexy either. If you’re worried about your legs looking like sticks then it is important that you buy skirts and dresses where the hem stops at the widest part of your calf, this will accentuate the curve of your leg and cut down on the ‘tooth-pick’ effect, and remember when you buy shorts to buy ones with a snug fit, that will keep skinny legs from looking stringy.

Since July is just about begin you still have time to prepare for this look even if you haven’t already started, remember that August is the hottest month in most parts of the country so that is when you are going to want to stay cool while looking hotter than the weather.

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