Petra Nemcova’s Wedding Dress to be Designed by Marchesa

It was announced back in May that Czech supermodel Petra Nemcova was engaged to her boyfriend of eight months, British actor Jamie Bellman but at the time the details of the happy day were far from clear. However this week Petra sat down with The Telegraph to talk about her charity work and while she was at it dished on some of the more juicy wedding details as well. Petra told the paper that “In terms of the wedding and the preparation, there are some things set in stone, like the date, which will be in June 2012, and the wedding will be in England, since we both love England. It will be in the countryside”

Considering the beautiful shots from the Kate Moss wedding earlier this summer it would seem that the English countryside is a safe bet, and no doubt Petra and Jamie are not the only ones who will be staking money on it next summer. Petra was also good enough to divulge her dress designer. “The dress will be designed by Marchesa,” she told the Telegraph “the relationship with Marchesa, for me, has been for many, many years. It’s just nice to be able to wear them even on that special day. And I can’t wait to see what they will create.” Neither can we Petra.

Ms. Nemcova was previously engaged to photographer Simon Atlee who tragically was killed in the 2004 India Ocean tsunami that very nearly took Petra’s life as well. It was her experience during those harrowing days that lead Petra to found the Happy Hearts Fund, a charitable organization that helps disaster ravaged countries rebuild long after first responders have stood down. In her interview with the Telegraphy Petra proudly announced that over the last five years Happy Hearts has helped to reconstruct 51 schools destroyed by natural disasters and that the charity now maintains a presence in nine countries world wide.

Here’s wishing Ms. Nemcova a happy heart of her own for her up coming special day.

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