The Man with the Golden Glove

British jeweler Shaun Leane has been enjoying a great deal of success with his recent collections, so it is no surprise that he has tapped Daphne Guinness to be the latest collaborator in his efforts to begin defining the jewelry 21st century. Guinness, who is well know for her Gothic flair, modeled the first show piece to be born out of this collaboration on Thursday night at Jay Jopling’s elegant Georgian townhouse. The heiress stepped up her signature style by laying in state, complete with an Alexander McQueen body suit and a veil covering her small frame, the only part of her body exposed in this Gothic tableau was her left hand which bore the piece of jewelry she and Leane collaborated on.

Many trend-watchers in fashion have already noted that this year’s couture season has drawn a great deal of inspiration from the baroque era, though even the most clairvoyant probably would not have predicted the Leane and Guinness would bring chain-mail into the discussion. Yet that is exactly what is at the heart of the piece attendees such as Tom Ford and Sarah Burton viewed that night. The glove on Guinness’ left hand was made from 18-carat while gold links “woven” together to create something that was half way between armor and an evening glove. The finish on the piece included over 5,000 pave white diamonds arranged to create a flock of birds and tree branches. The estimated production cost of the item is said to be over $1.75 million.

“We wanted to push the boundaries of jewelry design,” Leane explained when asked about the glove. “This was a labor of love, and is just the beginning of an ongoing collaboration between us.” Well consider the boundaries pushed, and if the buzz over last week’s show is any indicator, there are many out there who were waiting for someone to do just that.

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