Kors Meets Rockefeller on 5th

As designers move their way up in the fashion industry, aspirations and dreams grow larger and only the select few make it that far. Once the stairway to fame and fashion respect is gained, one of the most difficult desires is left to be reached; a shop on the legendary 5th avenue. With all of this said, congrats to Michael Kors for reaching this long awaited goal.

As Kenneth Cole closes shop on the infamous streets of 5th avenue, Michael Kors is instep to take over. What a scene for a new flagship store! The location is in the heart of Mid-town, positioned in Rockefeller Center; at 610 Fifth Ave. at 49th Street. The location consists of over 7,000 square feet, 4,500 of which to display merchandise.

Entering the new store, which opened this past Thursday, (September 1st, 2011), is filled with incredible Michael Kors accessories. Products ranging from brand new jewelry to leather handbags are the hit for the new flagship. Making your way through, the back of the store holds Michael Kors’ ready-to-wear collection. It has been reported that even Michael Kors himself was in anticipation for Thursday’s turn-out as Michael was spotted at his new flagship, checking out the scene.

There is, however, 1,300 square feet of the property that was used by previous owner, Kenneth Cole, and reportedly Michael Kors is not using, nor did he purchase this portion of the space. It has not been made known, at the time, whether or not another retailer could open up shop in the 1,300 square feet ‘unwanted’ space. Let’s not forget, Michael Kors is now neighbor to the Chanel Gardens. So, shoppers of everything Michael Kors, feel free to take a relaxing moment after your shopping trip to the gardens. Sit peacefully and collect yourself just as John Rockefeller, Jr. had envisioned when he had the garden built.

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