Makeup Tips for Homecoming: Don’t Forget the Gloss!

As Homecoming approaches there are many decisions left to be made. I would hope at this point in the game, everyone has found the perfect dress for the spectacular season – if not, check out our website to get the hottest, trendy dresses with expedited shipping! Well, with the dress checked off the To Do list and out of the way it is time to decide on makeup! Probably the best accessory to any special occasion gown is your face and how you decorate it. Whether your preference is smoky eyes, natural eyes, or wing-tip-Tavi inspired eyes, every girl needs the perfect lip gloss to pair with her look. Many girls tend to think it is necessary to spend a lot of money on their makeup. Simply because they are under the impression that Chanel, Dior, or whatever designer makeup booth is busiest at Bloomingdale’s have the best cosmetics. Well, take a closer look; Lancôme and L’Oreal are the same company, so why spend over $20 on a “Juicy Tube” when you can get a “Colour Juice” by L’Oreal for half the price. On a budget? It is understandable to be in high school or college and simply not have $10 to spend on lip gloss. If that is the case, then this article is for you! Ever hear of Jordana Cosmetics? Well, they have heard your prayers and are selling lip glosses for the affordable rate of $1.99 a tube! The Jordana lip glosses are available in twelve different shades giving a nice set of options for you girls. And hey, if you can’t decide between two, or even three of the colors, you won’t break the bank by being indecisive. Jordana glossy lip colors are available in; Sugar Plum, Raspberry, Cotton Candy, Mango Delight, Berry Colada, Pink Lemonade, Grape-Tini, Sweet Strawberry, Watermelon Juice, Fresh Melon, Brown Sugar and, Sugar Cookie. All of these colorful glossy lip colors are available online and at your local drugstore (ask about Jordana products).

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