McQ to Show at Next Year’s London Fashion Week

McQ the younger, more affordable and edgier little sister of the Alexander McQueen label has recently announced that it will be opening its first stand alone store on Dover Street in London and according to a report from The Telegraph the line will be shown on the runways at London fashion week for the first time next year. For anyone who is a McQueen fan this is very exciting news. Despite the tragic and untimely death of its founder and namesake last year the Alexander McQueen label has gown by leaps and bounds, helped along by their much praised creative director Sarah Burton who earlier this year basked in the honor of being the designer behind the dress that helped Kate Middleton become Catherine the Duchess of Cambridge.

While Alexander McQueen designs have been very high profile as of late, appearing not only on royalty but on some of the most fashion forward celebrities such as Lady Gaga; McQ has quietly amassed a celebrity following of its own that includes such up and coming fashion icons as Chloe Moretz and Emma Watson. While it certainly couldn’t be described as a bargain, much of the McQ collection is more affordable than the main Alexander McQueen line which is great news for fashionistas everywhere who share the taste but not the purchasing power of their celebrity icons.

The presentation of the McQ Autumn/Winter 2012 collection, which is also overseen by a design team featuring Sarah Burton as creative director, will show in February during London fashion week. This first official fashion week show is obviously designed to raise awareness of the name, which is an excellent sign that the McQueen empire is heavily invested in further developing the McQ label. According to The Telegraph the show will also serve to drum up public interest for the opening of the Dover Street store which will come sometime in early spring. For young fashionistas everywhere this is a development worth watching because while the Alexander McQueen label may currently be at the top of the fashion world, McQ looks to be a sign of things to come!

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