London is #1

It has been decided. London is number one, as far as fashion goes anyway. The Global Language Monitor proclaimed London to be the 2011 top fashion capitol of the world. Out of fifty cities worldwide, London made number one. Creating the top five, the Brits beat out New York City, Paris, Milan, and Los Angeles, […]

Mad Men Merge into Merchandise

Hit AMC TV series, Mad Men is collaborating with major chain Banana Republic. Banana Republic is owned by Gap and was originally under different ownership, where they sold Safari wear like trench coats and luggage; one could say Gap’s older, adventurous brother. Since they were bought by Gap Inc. in 1983, Banana Republic has become […]

Polo Soars Above The Stocks

As fear runs through the veins of investors and business men alike, due to the recent stock market scare, Polo’s Ralph Lauren stays cool as a cucumber. Polo shares went up over 8% and Ralph’s revenue is up 32%. As many of Polo’s merchandise is sold at Macy’s nationwide, both of the corporations have had […]

Louboutin vs. Yves Saint Laurent

Less than twenty-four hours ago, a judge decided that Louboutin’s “sole recognition” was no longer his. Louboutin had filled a lawsuit against Yves Saint Laurent for using red soles on a number of YSL shoes from his recent resort collection.

A fashion outsider’s opinion on the matter is it’s a color; this is fashion, color […]

Project Runway All Stars Host – Not Heidi

Project Runway has been on the air for just about nine seasons now and for the first time things are getting changed up a bit. There’s a new host, new judges, and the same contestants. The tenth season is airing as Project Runway All Stars; a second chance for past contestants to win the grand-prize […]

The Royal Wedding Dress Goes on Display at Buckingham Palace

Tomorrow marks the beginning of the annual summer opening at Buckingham Palace where visitors can tour the palace gardens, view a portion of the Royal family’s extensive art collection and get a personal look inside 19 different state rooms used to entertain heads of state and world famous celebrities. However this year there is a […]

Azzedine Alaïa’s Return to the Runway

It has been nearly a week since Azzedine Alaïa’s collection closed out the Paris Couture shows and the fashion world is still buzzing about Mr. Alaïa’s breathtaking designs. During a show week that saw Chanel’s Karl Lagerfeld delve into the depths of Coco’s mystic, Givenchy’s Riccardo Tisci put on a couture clinic and Valentino’s Chiuri […]

Potter Stars Let Their Red Carpet Magic Shine

They had been showing up for the past six days, camping out in Trafalgar Square and braving the wind and the rain, they’re weren’t protesting anything or even waiting for the newest piece of Apple tech; they were the Harry Potter diehards come to catch a glimpse of their silver screen heroes on last time. […]

Givenchy Haute Couture Proves Lighter Than Air

How’s this for an interesting juxtaposition? While Karl Lagerfeld took eager viewers on a tour of Chanel’s dark side with Les Allures de Chanel, a romantically noir homage to Coco inspired by shadows and moonlight; across town Riccardo Tisci unveiled Givenchy’s ten piece offering for Couture Week, an extremely advanced exploration of haute couture techniques […]

Karl Lagerfeld Explores the Dark Side of Chanel

With Couture Week in full swing and the darker days of fall and winter right around the corner Karl Lagerfeld unveiled Les Allures de Chanel yesterday a line of haute couture that was an inspired celebration of nightfall featuring many of Coco’s signature styles. The set for the show was a shadowy mock-up of the […]