Who’s Number One In England?

Fashion is very important all around the world, whether it is due to importance in culture, to set social standings, or as a form of art and expression; fashion is the vital key. All across the world fashion enthusiasts will say Paris was once the center of the fashion world, now New York City is hub, but has the ultimate “I heart” city had its throne denounced?

Well, London sure is on the big apple’s coattails. London was ranked as number one fashion capitol of the world just this year (catch up on the article here). The new ranking as a perfect example, more and more London has proved itself as an important point in the fashion circle. Of course much attention has been brought by the new royal couple and their better half dressing to the T – think about it, almost all political and royal personas have only been in fashion news to insult their attire, i.e. Hilary Clinton’s suits and hair. London is making its way up there and in fact has been for some time now. With the winning of ranks London has really solidified itself in the fashion world.

However, London has felt differently about the subject. This year, 2011 marks the 24th annual British Fashion Awards. Since 1986 Britain has been awarding their talented natives in fashion and design. This year, many awards were given as well as many famous faces appearing. As Britain’s fashion empire has grown, more and more British designers and personas are emerging. One of the freshest faces in fashion, Alexa Chung was awarded with the British Style award, but not before she dedicated her honor to “girls who dress like awkward boys.” Another great quote from the night was given by Kate Hudson (no she is not British, just presenting) when she presented the Red Carpet award to Stella McCartney. Kate told a little story about her first time at the Oscar’s wearing one of Stella’s designs; “I wore Stella and made every worst-dressed list. The next day, I called Stella, and she said, ‘Face it babe, it was the hair.” Fashion’s own Posh Spice, a.k.a. Victoria Beckham took the Designer Brand of the Year award while the designer of the year went to Sarah Burton, the designer behind Alexander McQueen.

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