Mandela Finally in Fashion

Nelson Mandela, a name known worldwide. However unfortunate as it may be, as time rolls along names get forgotten, but thanks to the fashion industry that is one name that will continue through the generations. The clothing line has been initiated by the Nelson Mandela’s Foundation and is manufactured by a South African company, Seardel. […]

Mad Men Merge into Merchandise

Hit AMC TV series, Mad Men is collaborating with major chain Banana Republic. Banana Republic is owned by Gap and was originally under different ownership, where they sold Safari wear like trench coats and luggage; one could say Gap’s older, adventurous brother. Since they were bought by Gap Inc. in 1983, Banana Republic has become […]

Polo Soars Above The Stocks

As fear runs through the veins of investors and business men alike, due to the recent stock market scare, Polo’s Ralph Lauren stays cool as a cucumber. Polo shares went up over 8% and Ralph’s revenue is up 32%. As many of Polo’s merchandise is sold at Macy’s nationwide, both of the corporations have had […]

Is Lazy the New Trend?

Apparently, it is perfectly O.K. to wear your pajamas in public. In fact, it is in style. The perfect example of this new trend was spotted just the other night at the film premier of “One Day,” the new Anne Hathaway movie. The now infamous P.J. wearer was none other than designer Rachael Roy. Her […]

Project Runway All Stars Host – Not Heidi

Project Runway has been on the air for just about nine seasons now and for the first time things are getting changed up a bit. There’s a new host, new judges, and the same contestants. The tenth season is airing as Project Runway All Stars; a second chance for past contestants to win the grand-prize […]

Fred Perry Keeps Winehouse’s Spirit Alive

In the aftermath of the late singer’s death, many decisions are left to be made about what to do with Amy Winehouse’s work. “Amy was passionate and dedicated to the collaboration, and her signature style is clearly stamped across each piece,” Fred Perry said. Fred Perry has decided, along with consult from Winehouse’s family, to […]

“Gaga By Gaultier” Coming to United States

Jean Paul Gaultier has often gotten creative inspiration from powerful and iconic women such as Beth Ditto or Madonna, so it should come as no surprise that his latest celebrity muse is non-other than mama monster herself. Over the summer worldwide pop culture icon Lady Gaga visited Mr. Gaultier in his legendary Paris design house […]